This is the week that was in B2B: from workplace intrusion to millennial meltdown

16-Jan-2017 10:39:29
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In the week an analyst firm dismissed the idea that we're going to be replaced by AI any time soon, a tech firm actually launched a smart hairbrush and flaws in voice activated systems became apparent, there was plenty to talk about in the world of B2B:

'Most expensive networking event' of the week... 

...goes to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Yes it's that time of year again when the global elite gather to show off their Rolexes and allegedly discuss 'entrepreneurship for social good'. According to the Guardian, an entry ticket costs a sweet £55k. If you're a corporate looking to gain access as a 'strategic partner', you're looking at the merry sum of £500k. That allows you to bring your CEO along plus 4 (but you then need to pay £14k for each of them on top). It's not been too much to put the likes of BT, Google and Facebook off. If you think that's value for money - one tech company was reportedly charged £6k last year for a short meeting with the Estonian president in a luggage room. That's entrepreneurship for you, but not necessarily for social good. Read more here.

'Big brother' of the week...

 ...could be your employer as it came to light that businesses are using workplace wearables fitted with microphones to collect data on your every move and more. Fitness, body language, tone of voice, even team communication patterns are being tracked thanks to a company called ahem, Humanyze. Four UK firms are already at it. Be afraid, very afraid. Find out more here. 

'Revelation' of the week...

…comes courtesy of Simon Sinek – about our uncomfortable relationship with the omni-present smartphone. He muses that the dopamine hit we get every time we receive a text, get a like or someone shares our stuff is the same hit we get when we drink, smoke or gamble – and it’s mighty addictive. Worse still, we’ve nurtured a generation of smartphone junkies aka. millennials - unable to form deep meaningful relationships and who struggle to adjust to the demands of the workplace. This is enlightening listening for all. And it’ll probably make you think twice about leaving your phone in front of you in meetings (a subconscious signal to all in the room they’re just not that important). Vital viewing:



'Podcasting advice' of the week...

…comes from messaging platform Slack. The company turned to podcasting as a a warm-up form of content marketing, with a view to introducing potential customers to the brand and building engagement. They trialed podcasting with their Variety Pack show in 2015 (honest verdict: it was a somewhat all over the shop, annoying listen) but now they’re stepping it up with their new show ‘Work in Progress’ that looks at why people do the jobs they do. Rather than relying solely on iTunes for distribution, Slack has grown its listener base through Spotify, Switchr and Pocket Casts – amassing some 40,000 listeners per episode. Get the lowdown here. 

'Strangest print job' of the week...

…goes to Canon and it’s new ‘printers in concert’ ad. I mean why wouldn’t an orchestra want their music stands swapped for synchronized printers. Enough said. Catch it here...



Bonus material:

...Want to know where voice controlled systems are heading – read this

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Have a great week.

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