This is the week that was in B2B: from purchase paralysis to creepy business attire

20-Mar-2017 12:44:09
Back Paul Hewerdine

In a week where former chancellor George Osborne bagged yet another job, JPEGs got a whole lot smaller and a BBC World Service interviewee started to doubt the benefits of working from home, there was much to talk about in the world of B2B marketing…

‘Purchase paralysis’ of the week

…goes to B2B buyers according to a new article by HBR. Overwhelmed by information and potential choices, it argues that buyers are taking longer than ever to make purchases and abandoning them more often. Instead, it believes sales people need to act more like travel agents, guiding people through the difficult decisions and choices. Well worth a read – and more fuel to the argument that we need a Trip Advisor for Content.

‘Splashing the cash’ of the week

…goes to Facebook who's going all guns blazing for the B2B market. It follows the announcement that the firm is set to launch its biggest B2B ad campaign ever in the company’s history. The intention – to ‘educate and inspire’ marketers to invest more in mobile video ads with the platform. Watch out – there’ll be nowhere to hide. Get the lowdown here.

‘Creepy business attire’ of the week

…goes to Bolt Threads – with its new range of spider silk ties. Yes, you heard that right spider silk. No doubt some web spun undies are working their way to an M&S near you soon.



‘Creative get together’ of the week

…goes to SXSW in Texas, US of A. This year our roving reporter was too busy to attend but fortunately AdWeek gave us a heads up on the 8 topics that were causing a buzz. Full details here. If last year’s gig was all about Samsung, this year’s was Big Blue’s – no doubt a clear indication of the seriousness by which IBM is seeing AI’s opportunity in revolutionising all things digital.

‘Nausea inducing web experience’ of the week

…goes not to the new look site (annoyingly good), but Billed as an endless conference call simulator – it brings together recordings from real calls, recorded by real business people and randomises them for the delectation/punishment of others.

‘Two fingers you B2Cers’ of the week

…comes courtesy of Venture Capitalist, Anna Khan who makes a compelling case that B2B advances are powering B2C innovation. Yep, all the plaudits may go to those fancy new B2C applications with vowels missing from their name or a .ly on the end, but it’s the B2B heroes who are making it happen. Specifically, it’s the B2B players who are delivering the scale and infrastructure flexibility to make the likes of Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Instagram et al a success. Food for thought.

Bonus material:

...the hazards of being a self-employed Sparky with a heart

..why you should stop solely targeting the C-suite

...the phone case for people who just can’t decide between Android and iOS.

This is the week that was. We hope you have a good one.

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