This is the week that was in B2B: from paragliding stunts to Wagile workers

11-Dec-2016 10:46:31
Back Paul Hewerdine

In a week that saw vinyl records outsell digital music in the UK, Jurassic Park becoming a step closer to reality and Google Earth going all VR on us, the B2B world had plenty to chat about:

'I wish I had the budget to do that' of the week...

...goes to Volvo trucks. You know the Van Damme guys. So if you’d ever wanted to see a paraglider being dragged up a mountain and under a bridge by a truck, here’s one to order. And then head online and bag one for your loved one, this Christmas. 


'What’s the ideal length' debate of the week…

...was kicked firmly into touch by David McGuire, creative director at copywriters extraordinaire Radix. In response to a recent study that shows the average blog post length creeping up to over 1,000+ words – and suggestions that big performs better – David argues the case that quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. There’s no best blog length. There are good posts and bad ones. Quite simply, there’s no substitute for thorough research, insight gathering and decent writing. Hear, hear. Check out his 1,054 word post here.

'Most convincing case for getting into Podcasting' of the week…

...goes to LinkedIn via In a recent study of 3,000 members worldwide, it found that a third are active podcast listeners. And guess what? Podcast consumption actually increases in line with seniority. The fact is: 44% of your B2B podcast audience will comprise of department heads, VPs, owners and C-suiters. [Not strictly true, but you get the point they’re trying to make]. As podcast fanatics here at Earnest, we don’t need any convincing. Come on B2Bers, get podcasting – you know you want to. Find out how to master the art of podcasts here.

'Desperate attempt to top the search rankings' of the week…

...goes to Ikea. The company has decided to ditch certain product names online in favour of frequently searched problems. So its day bed is no longer called 'Hemnes' online and instead has been renamed ‘My partner snores’. So can we expect to see a flurry of B2B firms follow suit? Like Symantec renaming its EndPoint Security - ‘Oops I’ve just lost my laptop while drunk at my Christmas party’. Or Salesforce ditching for ‘My customer data sucks’. Watch this space.

'Obscure job role coming to a workplace near you' of the week...

...goes to Wagile Developer. Yes, Wagile. Anyone? IDC Connect asked industry pros to propose the new job titles we’ll see emerging in the next year. From Obsolescence Managers (surely a job title already in need of a rebrand) to Chief Insight Office (a tad predictable), from the B2B VR Engineer (really?) to Brexit Strategy Officers (most likely), take your pick. But Wagile Developer. Please no, let it stop. Get the lowdown here.

'Most deserving award for innovation' of the week...

...goes to our friends and colleagues in Earnest Labs who picked up the Gold award for Best Creative Solution at the DMAs for Lunchbox. This innovation in charitable giving has already paid for over 15k kids' meals in the developing world. Let’s hope we can bring contactless donation to an eaterie near you soon. Check out Lunchbox here.

This is the week that was. We hope you had a good one. Party on B2Bers.

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