This is the week that was in B2B: from Jetson’s reboot to buyer journey revelations

06-Feb-2017 10:23:14
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In a week that saw a group of bankers get their comeuppance for swindling small businesses, lettuce rationing hit the British Isles and Snapchat valued at $25bn ahead of its IPO, here’s what was going down in the heady world of B2B marketing:

‘Mega budget brand launch’ of the week

…goes to engineering firm Arconic who in a bid to launch its new brand has given TV cartoon ‘The Jetsons’ a reboot. It’s a live action, no budget spared affair designed to highlight the innovations that are coming our way in the (quite) distant future. George Jackson is recast as a senior engineer at Arconic – and his wife Jane, its Chief Innovation Officer. Not your ordinary B2B campaign.



Whatever next? The Flintstones recast with Barney and Fred as Uber drivers? Danger Mouse’s faithful assistant Penfold replaced by IBM Watson? Check out the making of here...



‘Revelation’ of the week...

…comes courtesy of a recent Nielson survey that showed Generation X is even more addicted to social media than millennials. Yes, the 35-49 year olds were found to spend on average 6 hours 58 minutes a week on social media networks. That’s a whole 39 minutes longer than those meddling millennials. Get the lowdown from the NY Times here.

‘Buyer journey insights’ of the week...

…go to Circle Research. Following its new B2B buyer survey, our friends at Circle revealed that there are in fact lots of similarities between how people buy across many different B2B markets. However, the big revelation for us wasn’t that the average buyer starts with 5 potential suppliers in mind, but the fact the odds are way more loaded in the incumbent’s favour than we ever thought.


So 86% of buyers start with a preference for one supplier even before the review process. Some 94% end up then buying from that supplier. And get this, 82% had in fact typically bought from this supplier previously. Check out more findings here.

‘Oversight’ of the week...

…goes to the advertising industry – who come under attack from Laurence Green writing for Campaign. He argues that advertising is too focused on immediacy and the ‘permanent present’ – with too many campaigns instantly forgettable. Instead, firms should place much more emphasis on embedding brands in people’s memories. Our goal should be to: “Plant or water a seed of preference” for brands. Sound advice given some suggest only 5-10% of the market is ready to buy at any one time. Well worth a read.

‘B2B influencers’ of the week...

…go to millennials (yes, them again). According to a new LinkedIn survey looking at how younger generations influence tech buying decisions in the workplace, 61% of younger millennials (aged 19-25) play a part in their company’s tech purchases. In fact, one in three are the decision-maker. You could say, it’s not just the police officers who are looking younger now, it’s the tech buyers. A tad more on this via eConsultancy here.

Bonus material:

...There are lots of voice apps, but most are ‘zombies’ with limited or no usage. More.

...The UK AI landscape is alive and well: 226 independent firms mapped here.

...In the time you spend on social media each year you could read 200 books. Really?

This is the week that was. Get stockpiling those icebergs.

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