This is the week that was in B2B: from HP printergeddon to Accenture rebrand

19-Feb-2017 22:33:13
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In a week where we learned that small biz rates are set to soar, talking dolls can be a security threat and you should never ask Joe Public to design a smartphone, the B2B world put on a right royal show of creativity. Yes, really. Sit back – this is the week that was in B2B:

‘Wolf’ of the week…

…goes to Christian Slater – him of True Romance and Mr Robot fame – playing a hacker in HP’s latest B2B campaign. Yes, your humble printer really could be the downfall of your enterprise.




‘Doing a GE’ of the week…

…goes to none other than GE. The industrial behemoth is currently flying high as a purveyor of marketing par excellence. In its latest campaign, it asks the question: ‘What if scientists were celebrities’. Step forward the legend that is Millie Dresselhaus:



‘Revolutionary infographic’ of the week…

…comes courtesy of Michael Brenner at Marketing Insider Group (if he does say so himself). Basically, this new infographic explores each type of content and explains when it is best used and why. In a nutshell, use written content for storytelling; graphic content to convey complex ideas; interactive content to create brand buzz; and video to instruct or create an emotional bond. Not much new, but neatly packaged. Check it out here. 

‘Musical chairs winner’ of the week…

…goes to the CMO who according to a new study by Korn Ferry has the shortest tenure of all the c-suite folk at just 4.1 years. To put this into context, that’s about half the average tenure of CEOs. Korn Ferry put a positive spin on it though. Rather than many getting the elbow, the CMO's skills are often in high demand so the next (no doubt better paid) opportunity is never far away. One other revelation: CMOs also tend to be the youngest on the board with an average age of 52. More here.

‘Quiet brand tweak’ of the week…

…goes to Accenture. It was 16 years ago now that Andersen Consulting decided to rename itself Accenture – regarded by some as the worst rebranding in corporate history. But you could say Accenture has done pretty well out of it – even being named by Fortune as the world’s most admired IT services company last year. Now the brand has decided to tweak its logo and identity. Get the lowdown here. Then take a butchers at the new look over at the Accenture site. Not sure about that ‘New applied now’ nonsense mind.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 22.15.08.png

Bonus material:

...VR is mostly hype, apparently.

...Barclaycard 50 years of shopping and shopkeepers - new ad

...IBM Watson opens $200m IoT Towers in Munich

...The facts about Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus - $5bn in the making

This is the week that was. We hope you had a good one. 

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