This is the week that was in B2B: from Dell Magic to Whaling for Beginners

29-Mar-2017 14:30:29
Back Paul Hewerdine

Bringing you a few choice highlights from the world of B2B and beyond:

Kick in the teeth of the week

…goes to Working from Home, following the news that IBM has decided to stick two fingers up to flexible working. IBM’s CMO Michelle Peluso made the announcement that her marketing team – numbering several thousand – must now work ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ in a designated office. LinkedIn Influencer Bruce Kasanoff was quick to attack the move: “So the company smart enough to bring us cognitive computing can’t find technological ways to make people successful without driving them to the same location.” Could this be the start of a bigger movement back to the office? Get the lowdown here. 

New buyer insights of the week

…come courtesy of Circle Research, as they investigate the different emotions marketers need to tap into to engage B2B buyers. If you thought it was all about the FUD factor (Fear Uncertainty Doubt – but you knew that) – you’d be wrong. From ego expression to schadenfreude, mental comfort to guilt, extend your emotional repertoire here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 15.15.39.png

Fancy pants ad of the week

…goes to Dell Technologies – and its new no budget spared advertisement. Steve2323ZX says: ‘It doesn’t look like anything to me’. Alluring Media asks the question: ‘Cows into living, breathing data centers. What the ?? does that even mean.’ Sang Kim says: ‘Amazing’. Decide for yourself.




‘Not just for B2Cers’ of the week

…goes to Snapchat – and some actual real-life examples of B2B firms ‘killing it’ on the platform. Cisco is Snapchatting to let its thought-leaders share their stories, D&B is using it to go behind the scenes at the firm and IBM to give people an inside look at the technologies they’re developing (in the office, definitely not at home.) More here. 

‘Storyteller’ of the week

…goes to Axelos. Earnest had the good fortune to stumble across its new campaign: ‘Whaling for beginners’. What we learnt is board level executives are known as whales by hackers – big fish who hold the keys to some big prizes. As such, they’re increasingly becoming targets for security attacks. But here’s the clever bit: when budget constrained Axelos wanted a smart way to get on their radar, they commissioned an author to write a short, fictional novel – ‘Whaling for beginners’ - and it is by all accounts becoming a board room sensation. Full marks for originality. Check it out here.


Bonus material:

...How Earnest is helping charities fundraise by making contactless donations a thing.

...How GE is using co-creation as part of its digital strategy

...How BT is using 360 video to showcase its telephone exchanges (let’s say not so state of the art)

 And in case you missed it:

...The new B2B ideas and innovation matrix – and YouTube playlist - brimful of case examples to inspire you

 This is the week that was. We hope you had a good one.

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