This is the week that was in B2B: from dark forces to content high-fives

19-Dec-2016 09:29:02
Back Paul Hewerdine

In the week that saw a mega hack at Yahoo, the launch of Instagram Live and the Earnest Christmas Party pass without accident or arrest, there were plenty of things of interest to talk about in the world of B2B and beyond.

‘Most thorough debunking’ of the week

...Goes to Rand Fishkin (along with name of the week). Rand sets the record straight on some 116 SEO Myths. Things like: ‘Does moving a site to a new domain have a negative impact on the site’s search rankings’? Nope. ‘Do a few broken links really matter?’ Yes (they’re used as an indicator of site quality and you’ll be ranked down). ‘Does great content always rank well?’ No (it also needs to be paired with back links from authority sites). Get the other 113 here.

‘Dark forces’ of the week

...Go to social sharing. Simply Measured cast some light on the murkier side of the web, citing the fact that some 69% of social sharing now happens via dark channels – essentially private conversations taking place on things like email, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Slack. At a time when 50% of social traffic to a company’s website and 50% of social sales come from dark channels, apparently we need to get smarter at measurement, importantly understanding the content that’s driving these conversations. Find out more here.

'Leak' of the week

...Goes not to Thames Water, but to the (via The Drum). It revealed that new privacy proposals being drafted by the European Commission should be a big cause for concern for online publishers. Essentially if the proposals went through, the tracking of online behaviour and targeting of ads on websites and browsers would be restricted to instances where users have opted-in – rather than the current default opt-out model. Good or bad? You decide. Learn about the details here.

'Content high-five' of the week

...Goes to Skyscanner – and its Future of Travel. The travel comparison engine has dipped its toe into the heady world of content marketing and it’s going swimmingly by the looks of it. Exploring everything from the impact of VR for holiday showrooming and the changing airport experience to the role of big friendly data, this extensive research study is lovingly brought to life with some great illustrations and a neat online experience. Worth a mooch here.

‘360 degree video jumps the shark' moment of the week

...Goes to Lipton tea with its new immersive video experience. Ever wondered what it was like to be dropped into a cup of Lipton’s Green Tea? Now you can find out for yourself first hand. To be honest it all goes a bit LS’T’ and things aren’t quite what they seem. Expect a flurry of B2B copycat videos where we get to see what it’s really like inside an industrial furnace or a trippy look inside a data center server - we can but wish. [Bonus: And if you want to see the original Jumping the Shark moment, head here].




This was the week that was. Enjoy the countdown to Christmas.

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