This is the week that was in B2B: from content marketplaces to dinner dates

19-Apr-2017 11:38:10
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All the news you didn’t think you needed until now from the world of B2B marketing and beyond:

Trend of the week…

…goes to the content marketplace movement. Rather than relying on inhouse teams to generate content, more and more marketers are looking to tap into the burgeoning gig economy and dispersed teams of freelancers. According to Econsultancy, the future of content is marketplaces, not A.I. That's Writers 1. Robots 0. Find out more here.

Mega campaign push of the week…

…goes to IBM with not one but nine new ads to promote Watson. Here’s a taster...



Check out the other eight at your leisure here.

Social media advice of the week...

…comes courtesy of Co.Design with the revelation that we should never pick our own social profiles. A new (allegedly) scientific study suggests that people tend to choose overly flattering shots of themselves that score less well on ‘trust’ and ‘competence’. The advice – get a stranger to choose your profile pic. Doesn’t help if you’re a shifty looking chap like me mind. Learn more here. 

Dinner date of the week…

 …goes to LinkedIn and its B2B dinner for five. Take a selection of industry luminaries (including the always entertaining Doug Kessler), pump them full of wine and let them riff on the B2B topics du jour. Well worth a watch – especially for the anecdote about the secret newsletter. Loving the format. More servings please. Get a taste of the action here.

HubSpot nerd of the week…

…goes to Pete Jakob – Earnest friend of the family and most recently HubSpot CRM guru. If you’re still struggling with Excel spreadsheets to keep your data in check, it’s worth noting HubSpot CRM offers a compelling and FREE alternative. What’s more, thanks to Pete’s own dabbling with the platform, he's now created a handy guide on how to use it. Check it out here.

Podcast of the week… 

…and shameless plug goes to Something Inevitable from our very own Earnest Labs. Episode 2 delves deep into the world of chatbots and asks the question, can bots in fact bring us closer together? Whether you know nada about chatbots or are already well versed on botdom, you’ll find it time well spent. Be all ears here. 

Bonus material: - British startup and new HubSpot alternative 

...A prime example of how to launch a new product using video:



...Just for fun – weird, wonderful and potential inspiration for your next digital project 

 This is the week that was. We hope you had a good one.

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