This is the week that was in B2B: from broken funnels to abject failure

09-Jan-2017 12:17:02
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As we said goodbye and good riddance to 2016 and welcomed the New Year with open arms, the B2B world was alight with predictions and opinions on what 2017 has in store. Here's the lowdown on the week in B2B marketing:

'Waste of time, energy and budget' of the week

…goes to traditional lead gen, according to Sangram Vaire, writing for Given less than 1% of leads ever generate revenue for B2B companies, he argues the B2B funnel is well and truly broken. Apparently it’s time to do away with your Marketing Qualified Leads – a vanity metric – and focus on revenue. For Sangram that means the future of B2B marketing is all about Account Based Marketing. Whether you agree or disagree, read his argument here.

'New indicator of abject failure' of the week

…goes to advertising expenditure. According to Scott Galoway, Marketing Prof at Stern and founder of L2, if you’re over indexing versus rivals in terms of your ad spend, you're out of ideas. Instead, he argues that it’s all about playing a different game now – whether that’s innovating in how you create and package your products to delivering a differentiated customer experience. For this and more predictions from L2, watch this.

'Startling inevitability' of the week

…goes to Earnest’s own bets on the things that will happen to all B2B marketers in the year ahead. Among the inevitables: “Your management team will insist on repositioning your brand as thought-leaders but will be unable to point you in the direction of any thought-leaders.” Play bingo with the full list here.

'Food for thought' of the week

…goes to Ogilvy and its Key Digital Trends for 2017 Slideshare. From the Chatbot goldrush (including some good tips on Bot building platforms) to a video-first world, there are few surprises but some good recommendations on how to prepare your organisation. Check it out here.

'B2B influencer top tips' of the week

…go to the Drum and it’s all hail LinkedIn. It seems that the top influencers on LinkedIn are breaking away from the pack – amassing 62x more comments, 52x more likes and 24x shares of their articles than the average user (well done them). As Daniel Roth, exec editor at LinkedIn says: “All of them are worth following – whether they’re in your industry or not.” Read the article here.

Bonus material of the week:

A few more choice picks to kickstart your new year:

_ LinkedIn’s five favourite B2B marketing campaigns of 2016 (unashamed plug: Earnest’s VIE campaign for Vodafone comes in at no1). Check'em out.

 _ Ever wondered whether subtitles on Facebook B2B video ads make a difference? In a word, yes

_ Into HR and want to stay ahead of the game? Get along to the forthcoming Oracle Modern Business summit. Enjoy the Earnest created teaser video here...



This is the week that was. Here's to a great 2017.

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