This is the week that was in B2B: from April Fools to controversial rebrands

05-Apr-2017 15:17:14
Back Paul Hewerdine

All the news that's not worth printing from the heady world of B2B marketing and beyond:

Controversial rebrand of the week...

…goes to security firm McAfee for not changing its name. Founder John McAfee sold the firm to Intel in 2010 telling the Beeb: “I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet.” Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich subsequently announced in 2014 that the plan was to drop the McAfee name, rebranding the firm as Intel Security. However, the new rebrand (more a refresh than anything) sees Intel stick with the McAfee name. Bold move.

April fool of the week...

…goes to Prysm – and its new digital workplace solution. Drones. Avatars. Holograms. Conference calls. All so you can laugh your virtual heads off. Funny or not? You decide.




Agent provocateur of the week...

...goes to Nils Leonard, Chief Creative Officer at Grey – and the brains behind Volvo Life Paint. In an interview with Trevor Beattie in The Drum, Leonard entertainingly lambasts the ad industry: "If the world is blocking ads, let’s stop making ads." He says we should be asking bigger questions of ourselves as a trade – as a client once told him: “How do we go from being a company that sells stuff to people, to a company that people are happy exists?” Are people happy your brand exists? Read the interview here. 

Research study of the week...

…goes to a new DemandGen and Uberflip report exploring the changing content preferences of B2B buyers. The findings point to the fact that buyers are getting all the more savvy and discerning in the content they consume with some 72% saying they’ve placed a higher emphasis on the trustworthiness of content sources over the past year. Other findings include the facts that 52% increasingly prefer mobile-optimised content and 46% prefer shorter content (mmm, no surprises there then). Find out more here.

Resource to plunder of the week...

…goes to the DemandGen Killer Content Awards Hub. It showcases award-winners across a range of categories. Dare we say it a slightly disappointing array of content examples that don’t really live up to the billing, but anyway take it for a spin yourself

Bonus material:

...Michel Gondry’s new ad for FedEx – do you dream of logistics? Probably not

...Berlin startup scene is preparing for a Brexit bonanza

...Introducing the B2B marketing lead tamagotchi (lirpa loof)

...Silicon Valley does Twitter ads

This is the week that was. Keep on, keeping on.




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