This is the week that was in B2B: from GE fire-fighters to dumb phones

23-Jan-2017 10:43:10
Back Paul Hewerdine

In a week dominated by the Trump inauguration, Trident misfires and Tech twitter debates, there was news aplenty to savour for B2B marketers everywhere.

'Marketing tactic' of the week…

…goes to events – which according to the latest IPA Bellwether report revealed that event budgets rose for the 13th consecutive quarter in Q42016. No surprise really given in-person events were rated the most effective B2B tactic last year in a CMI study (for the 6th year running). In an increasingly digital world, events provide the opportunity to give audiences first hand experience of brands – reaching the parts online ads just can’t reach. Check out some expert opinions on the report here. 

'Unconventional wisdom' of the week…

…goes to the folk at General Electric who prove that you can fight fire with fire (well, technically the sound of fire). Find out how in this new 360 degree video short. Thumbs up again GE for showing B2B marketing needn’t be dull. 




'Mental stimulation' of the week…

…comes courtesy of McKinsey and its new executive guide to sparking creativity in teams. According to neuroscientists at Emory University, to perceive things differently we must bombard our brains with things we have never encountered – in short, getting out there in the real world rather than trying to brainstorm in the confines of the office. Essentially, we need to force our lazy brains to recategorise information through first hand experiences – so we can imagine ‘truly novel alternatives’. Get creative here

'Dumbing down' of the week…

…goes to the smartphone. According to MIT, there’s a burgeoning number of tech savvy folk saying enough is enough and casting aside their smartphones to embrace a new generation of dumb phones. Who knows – as employees battle their smartphone addiction and struggle to find the right work-life balance, could we see more people turn off the smartphone at the end of the working day and instead turn on one of these dumb devices? Brands like the Light Phone are showing they can be simple, elegant and strangely alluring. Check out the full story here.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.48.13.png

'Most hypnotic site experience' of the week…

…goes to Astronaut. Imagine being able to take a peek at a random series of YouTube videos uploaded last week that have almost zero previous views. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Take it for a spin here.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.46.33.png

Bonus material:

...New report shows 4 out of 5 smartphone users check their phone within 15 mins of waking up.

...Ambulances in Stockholm can now interrupt music to let you know there’s an emergency.

...Global PC shipments are in decline (of course), but four of the six biggest brands are experiencing sales increases.

...Mobile internet use passes desktop usage for the first time. Yes, really.

This is the week that was. We hope you had a good one.

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