That was the week that was in B2B: from Art to AI

05-May-2017 15:05:50
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All the news you didn’t think you needed until now from the world of B2B marketing and beyond:

Art criticism meets marketing rant of the week

Dave Trott writes stuff for Campaign magazine.

He uses single sentences.

Because it makes even the most straightforward observation appear revelatory.


His latest article is here.


Toolkit of the week

So this is cool. Business Model Toolbox offers a whole range of innovative and empathetic ways for organisations of all shapes and sizes to shake up how they successfully take their product or service to market. Great idea.


Next big thing of the week for fintech

Financial regulation changes more often than some people’s knickers (ok, maybe not that often). This puts a lot of pressure on banks, fintech and other businesses to keep pace with these changes. But with challenge comes opportunity! Read on at Wired.


Attack on overprice MBA grads of week

The human brain has been calibrated by evolution not to pursue economic optimisation at the risk of systemic disaster.” Contrarian, ad-man at large and known behavioural economics botherer Rory Sutherland takes aim at the nonsensical change agendas too often promoted by smart men in smart suits in the pursuit of standard economic theory. Great words & provocative thinking.


‘How to win friends and influence people’ type strategy of the week

Great thoughts from Andrew Gill at IBM on how to develop successful influencer marketing programmes in a tech and B2B environment, and the difference in approach from consumer products. Organic usage, building trust and targeted content. Time to get on with it!


And finally: way that AI is definitely going to replace us all of the week

This week, art and museum guide! And I for one welcome our new arty robot overlords.


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