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31-Jul-2015 13:13:00
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Making a great landing page is no simple task. They’re a really hard working asset and are often the focal point of an entire marketing campaign (or at least an important part of it). A lot of thought can go into them. Which is why it’s always so pleasing when they work.

When new client InsightBee launched its first marketing campaign, we knew that its assets were going to have to work really hard to raise awareness of the brand and to drive interest in the start-up's innovative new research platform. This landing page was no exception – as the focus of a campaign aimed at the legal sector, one of two initial test audiences, it had a lot of work to do.


InsightBee is a research company with a mission - to disrupt the way that businesses receive insights and actionable intelligence. InsightBee uses a combination of proprietary technology, expert analysts and great customer experience to set it apart from the crowd. Its future facing approach to business insights is matched in its business model – one founded on ‘lean start-up’ principles. Its commitment to continual measurement, adaptation and iterative improvement meant that we needed to match the business model with an agile marketing strategy.

Most importantly, the page needed to get people in the legal sector to download the thought leadership whitepaper that InsightBee had produced. By using a smart form to gather details on our prospects, we were able to track their interactions with the rest of our content – blogs, infographics, videos and social media. This allowed us to build a campaign full of personalised insights into what really matters to the movers and shakers in the legal space.

The page also needed to generate a buzz around their exciting new service and differentiate them from their well-established competitors; competitors who represented the traditional and often far too slow and expensive way of sourcing insights.

The page design reflects InsightBee’s ethos – strikingly different from the other players in the space, leaner and more efficient but with lots of personality. The ‘desktop theme’ was intended to reflect InsightBee’s start up mentality and its less formal and more personal approach to customers. Rather than a boring off-the-shelf buying process, or an expensive and slow bespoke consultancy process, InsightBee offers the next generation of business insights to its customers – faster, friendlier and just as incisive.


The landing page was optimised across devices as we were aware that our target audience would often be time poor and researching on the go.  Given all the evidence for the importance of mobile browsing habits amongst B2B audiences we made sure the experience was as focussed and compelling on a mobile as it would be on desktop.


We used a smart form to progressively profile respondents with each return visit, building up a detailed picture of those who visited the site, allowing us to create content with heightened relevance. The landing page was an integral piece of the puzzle, that allowed us analyse our customers' behaviours and preferences – vital given the lean and agile approach we had taken to the campaign.

The landing page was a great success for the initial campaign, it had a 26.7% submission rate and a 19.3% new contacts rate.


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