This is the week that was in B2B: It's back in business

13-Aug-2013 12:32:00
Back Paul Hewerdine

Thatwastheweek_320x200px_blueOur very Earnest take on the past week in the heady world of b2b marketing.

Summer is well underway. The British weather has returned to business-as-usual. The client and agency world is busy preparing its annual autumnal campaign binge (beware b2b buyers you won’t know what’s hit you). And surprise, surprise, 'This is the week that was' is back due to popular demand (i.e. our planning director told us to pull our finger out)…

Marketing science lesson of the week

Here at Earnest we’re all for B2Bers getting a little more scientific in their marketing efforts so we were delighted to see a recent blog post by the good people at HubSpot. The post looks at how the key principles of human psychology can be applied to take content from good to amazing. Covering everything from the concept of ‘reciprocity’ (essentially if someone does something for you, you naturally want to do something for them), to the role of social proof, the recency illusion and commitment, it’s well worth a read. Derren Brown eat your heart out.

Cool video statistics of the week

Big thumbs up to Brendon Cournoyer at Brainshark for highlighting the role video can play in improving search performance. His 6 cool stats blog post features some compelling facts to make video naysayers sit up and listen. Like the fact video is 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results (source: Forrester). Or the revelation that video search results have a 41% higher click through than plain text results (source: aimClear). Sound insight we think to inform any content marketing strategy.

Infographic of the week

Ever wondered what it takes to be a successful CEO? Check out this new infographic from Forbes looking at the DNA of Fortune 100 CEOs. Rather worryingly they’re not a hugely diverse bunch - predominantly white, male and on average 57 years old. While the vast majority are educated to degree level, it’s interesting that engineering degrees are more common (just) than accountancy degrees. But arguably the biggest surprise is that just 3% started out as marketers. Yes, 3%. Still got hopes of becoming CEO? We recommend a career change - fast. Become a bean counter, engineer or even a soldier and the odds look more in your favour.


Gamification madness of the week

Sick of your smartphone? Like taking a few risks? Then you need the new Android app – SMTH (Send Me To Heaven). The principle is simple: throw your phone in the air – and if it doesn’t smash to smithereens you can enter your score into the leaderboard. He who throws highest, gets to top the leaderboard. He with butterfingers needs a new phone. Try explaining that one to the boss.





‘Stupid plug for the competition’ of the week

This week, we’d like to big up two fellow agencies – madness we know. First high five goes to Base One for their buyersphere report – looking at how and why b2b buyers buy. We say report, it’s actually a series of reports – and very thorough to boot. Interesting fact: 21% of information hungry buyers download presentation decks from Slideshare, only half that number watch a video. (There you go research is full of contradictions). Our other high five goes to the nice fellas at Velocity, who are proof incarnate that SlideShare works. They’ve published an internal document exploring the dynamics of the ever tricky client/agency relationship. Read and enjoy it. We did.

That was the week that was. We’ll be back with another missive this time next year. We mean next week. Make yours a good one.

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