This is the week that was: Is the world ready for change?

27-Feb-2012 10:36:00
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The week reviewed in the ever changing world of B2B marketing.

While we are treated to one day of glorious sunshine in London, and share stories from a very Earnest night out; we look back on a week in which all the talk was about the Pinterest craze swooping the internet. Amid all the pinning, however, we managed to dig out the best blogs, articles and resources to keep you knowledge thirsty B2B marketers going for another week.

Technology and marketing budgeting of the week:

Since the economy rudely came and ruined the party bankers were having a few years back, a bright light has been shone on what goes on behind closed doors in these organisations. Shining brightly under this very spot light has been RBS, who since being bailed out and now being part owned by the tax payer, have had to be very open about exactly what they are up to. This week the exposure became a benefit as RBS  transparently showed its proactive plan to find the solution to some of its problems – by upping their IT and Marketing spending. reported that RBS is planning to spend £6bn on technology and marketing to overhaul how it runs. Will this be the table-turner RBS, the Government and the tax payer need? Only time will tell.

Mobile worker’s good news of the week:

In the last decade mobile devices have changed the way businesses and the way their staff work. The invention of the iPad meant people could now read documents, send emails, host video conference and organise their working day all in the palm of their hand. There was, however, one thing missing that kept many sticking to the trusty laptop – the iPad just didn’t have the tools and functionality to be a ‘full service work computer’. This week rumours circulated about Office for iPad, meaning presentations could be created, documents written and spread sheets filled in all while you are wobbling on the tube. Is this the final piece in the puzzle for the perfect gadget?

New social channel adoption of the week:

Google have already proved that their search, advertising, mapping and a number of other services are second to none. When it comes to social networks it will be interesting to see if they are on the way to doing the very same thing. When Google+ first launched it was just for individuals, and now slowly brands are begining to build a presence to communicate with their custimers. We believe Google+ is still not being used to its full potential by many brands who are missing out on the benefits. If you are not on there already, Social media examiner this week gave six top tips on how to get started and start engaging with potential customers who are hiding away from you in their circles.

Expert view of the week:

In order for business to use social networks most effectively, it is important to understand why they cam about and why your customers are using them. This week Speed PR interviewed Alastair Campbell on his views about how social media has changed the way businesses need to communicate with current and potential customers. We particularly liked the analogy of the new digital town square.

Statistic of the week:

Despite mobile being part and parcel of our lives - this week we learnt that less than 10% of the web is mobile ready in 2012. Smartphones are now the fastest adopted technology in our history, with people using them to find and interact with brands every day. Is your site mobile ready? Or would you find developing an app better for your customers? We would be interested to know.

Earnest’s favourite ad of the week:

As the world of marketing and advertising turns more digital everyday and social seems to gazump talking about any other channels, we still see the charm of an analogue feel ad. This week we came across a charity using an interactive offline ad, that  has a digital and social aspect, but is a pleasure to watch. Take a look.

Infographic of the week:

Leading up to their flotation, Facebook is the talk of the town. But where can such a huge online site and network go in the future. This week PH creative speculated in this well nicely put together infographic. (Click the infographic to make it bigger!)




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