This is the week that was: When the web changed

15-Feb-2012 14:34:00
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Everything you need to know about what's going on in B2B marketing this week.

As Harry rolls innocently out of the dock and potentially into the seat of England manager, and the bank of England pumps more money into the economy to fund the whole affair, we collate and distil the outpouring of knowledge from the B2B marketing community – from the new kid on the block Pinterest taking over everyone’s Twitter feed through to the differing opinions on blogging (we of course are still in favour). Enjoy.

Technology debate of the week:

Since the dot com boom of the late 90s the web has changed the way the whole world functions – from how businesses operate to how people communicate with each other on a day to day basis. A brand without a website that is dynamic and user friendly is consigned to failure and with the rise of social networks over the last four years the shift from traditional to digital advertising has been one all marketers have had to keep on top of. There is however another shift coming…the rise of the app. Whether these are desktop or mobile, apps are changing the way consumers interact online. For the Forrester CEO this means the death of the web – with applications offering faster and more efficient usability than we are all used to at the moment. Is he right…or, as many of those who disagree, serving up some wild speculation?

Trend decline of the week:

With content being so important to your social media efforts, we feel there is nothing better than the old faithful blog – both to share interesting and engaging content with your followers but also to give your own insight and opinion on issues in the industry. This week, however, research showed that a number of companies are giving up on the blog for the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It might not just be down to a perceived change in the channels consumers are using… research shows that the shift away from blogging is largely due to the lack of time and resource that needs to go into it. Have you seen a decline in blogs or importantly interesting and engaging content in blogs that is so important?

Customer trust building exercise of the week:

While we believe blogs are still a good and reasonably easy way of getting content out there, all forms of content – from videos to whitepapers – are important for any marketing strategy today. This week Michael Stelzner in a video interview explains how good content helps build trust and engagement with your customers – with good story telling and a focus on ‘real time’ content being key to building the relationships.

Search conundrum of the week:

Traditional SEO and PPC technique have proved invaluable for online marketing strategies. The rise of Google has meant your page rank can make or break your success as a company. The concept social search has added to the mix of what is needed to ensure you are found online…but what is more important? This week B2B Communicators gave their views

New kid on the block of the week:

It seems that for far too long now the likes of Twitter and Facebook have ruled the waves of the social uprising. Google plus and many others have put their hat in the ring to take the crown, but to no real avail. This week however the new kid on the block, Pinterest, was the talk of the town across the blog and twittersphere with comments and opinions a plenty (mostly hugely positive). If you missed it, Pinterest is a network that allows you to create your own pin boards, posting images and videos that you find most interest for others to discover. It is too early days to see how relevant and useful the site will be for B2B marketers but certainly a very big space to watch carefully…

Infographic of the week:

Mobile app stores have been instrumental in the epic rise of mobile and how businesses and consumers interact with brands. The growth of the app store has been central to the success and growth of Apple, whilst a poor version being the thorn in the side for RIM and Blackberry. This infographic shows the development and rise of humble app store…

That was the week that was. Anything we missed? Let us know...



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