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12-Dec-2011 18:03:00
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Another week in the heady world of B2B marketing.

As the unfortunate folk in Scotland were blown around by 165 MPH winds, David Cameron refused to bend his back on the latest European bailout package and here at Earnest we were once again soothing sore heads after a cracking Christmas shindig.

All the while the world of B2B ticked along - with journalists, bloggers and tweeters sharing their news and views. Don’t leave the page and go looking for it online though…we have gathered the best from the week and packaged it up in one handy blog post for you.

Social network development of the week

It seems that in the board rooms of the big social networks the key strategy is to watch what Facebook does and follow suit later, sometimes in a matter of days or in Twitter's case this week, a good matter of months. Despite the conflicting opinions on the use of Facebook for business to business marketing, it is rare today to find an organisation without its very own page – showing off its brand and allowing current and potential customers to interact with its people online. Twitter has now announced it is going down the business page route – allowing organisations to be much more creative with the way their Twitter page looks and enhancing the experience for those visiting the page.  Good news for us marketeers.

Search tip of the week

When planning a campaign, the element of search should be at the heart – after all 9 out of 10 business buyers say that when they are ready to buy they will find you and 93% of B2B buyers use search to begin the buying process.  Planners often however concentrate on the ‘head’ keywords – those most popular and the most likely the target audience will be searching for. However the often missed long tail keywords should not be forgotten. The long tail comprises more specific phrases that are searched for less often but can be hugely beneficial for your search ranking…the guys at SEO copywriting this week explained why.

Email success advice of the week

Today 97% of small businesses use email to connect and advertise their services to potential customers. With the use of social media hogging the spotlight it is important to remember that some of the classic marketing techniques still give some of the best results. There is still one problem that is the hardest to crack – how to get those receiving your email to open it. Ashley Zeckman gave her top 5 tips – from timing to avoiding spam filter traps. Well worth a look.

Sales apps of the week

As your sales team spend the majority of their day out of the office, the trusty smartphone becomes the tools of the trade. This week Entrepreneur gave us the top seven must have apps on the phone of any sales person worth their salt, putting the likes of business card scanners and sales force in their hands. Top stuff.

Top virals of the week

There is nothing better than stumbling over a video online that you find so funny or breath taking that you just have to share it with your friends or followers. Brands know this and the power of the viral has been one of the biggest growing ways for businesses to get their message on screens across the world. 2011 has been full of YouTube minutes of magic – so take a trip down memory lane with the Unruly media top 20 shared ads chart.

Global campaign of the week

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet too often here at Earnest, but this week B2B magazine covered our most recent global integrated campaign for Kaspersky Lab. There is a blog post on the way, giving much more of an insight into the campaign from planning, to creative to roll out, but in the mean time here is a quick overview.

Infographic of the week

Never fear! We didn’t include one last week, but this infographic on how and why content is shared online should more than make up for it.




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