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03-Nov-2011 10:46:00
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The week in B2B Marketing - fully covered.

As the clocks went back last week, Europe’s leaders really wish they could turn back time as the EU economy tail spins into further disaster. Meanwhile protestors have been showing their disdain at the bankers outside St Pauls Cathedral and Vince Cable has been trying to save his own money, where he can, by not paying his taxes.

Still – there were plenty of good things in the world of B2B to report, and here they are for you in one handy blog post.

Business turn-around of the week

It seems only days (and it has only been a matter of weeks) ago that we were bemused at the suggestion that HP was going to scrap its hardware arm to concentrate on developing and selling software. It was clear that the effects were being felt from a poor selling tablet device and a similarly unsuccessful smartphone. This week however, the powers that be at HP decided to make a U-turn and keep its computer business. Once one of the biggest and most popular organisations in the world, it could now be time for HP to clean up its act (by which we mean cut down the public squabbles) and get its PR engine into action – launching a new vision for HP's future to the world.

Future scope of the week

There is no doubt about it – the rapid changes in technology are not only changing businesses and how they work, but also how people live their lives and interact with each other. Future scoping – or envisaging how the world may look in years to come, has helped push the boundaries of technology development. Last year one of the most popular B2B Virals was 'A day made of glass' – showing us how surfaces we take for granted may change our lives in the future. This week Microsoft launched another of its future scoping videos- showing off some very cool concepts (even if it is a bit long).



Email advice of the week

Many may say that the old marketing channels are dead – and happily chuck email into that mix. Email marketing, especially in the B2B space, continues to prove a popular and useful channel for campaign planners in businesses. Although the concept of sending out an email with the right content may seem simple, there is a plethora of advice online about the right time to send emails, how often to send them and the optimal length of copy. This week Polly Lambert gave her advice on one issue that is always the first stumbling block – what to put as the subject line to ensure the recipient opens up the email. After testing four different versions the results may well surprise you...

Don’t miss list of the week

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn hog the screen time of any marketer in today’s world. For publishing and sharing content, as well as talking to customers – these are the tools that we all know and love to use. There are hundreds of other useful digital tools that are being missed, and this week Alastair Turner gave us his top 10 – from the presentation jazzing ‘Prezzi’ to the community building Yammer. Well worth a look.

Innovative marketing of the week

Here at Earnest we are always big fans of the interesting and innovative ways VW promotes and advertises its cars. Last week we were impressed with the use of stop motion film in the recent TV ad campaign and this week we have seen VW push its marketing to another level with augmented reality billboards. With so much noise out there both on and offline brands really have to make sure they stand out from the crowd – and this is certainly one way to do it (quite literally).

Marketing quandary of the week

There is no doubt that Twitter is a great tool to communicate and interact with your customers. Not only this but happy customers = your brand plastered across the blogosphere and twittersphere. What happens, however, when your customers are not so happy and have something bad to say about you... reply straight away or leave it well alone? EMarketers this week gave its balanced view on the right steps to take and why.

Business challenge of the week

Look around you - whether you are in the office, on the tube or getting your chicken and bacon baguette from prêt (an excellent choice by the way) everyone has a smartphone in their hand or next to their ear. The gargantuan rise of the smartphone is changing the way any business workforce goes about its day to day job... however according to mobile technology is one of the top issues facing every IT department. This week CIO looked at the three major challenges facing organisations from a mobility perspective and what they can do to turn this into a real opportunity moving forward.

Infographic of the week

On the note of the growing mobile workforce, our infographic of the week shows you in a one tidy visual just how things are changing. Are you seeing the same in your business? Let us know.

So that was the week that was. We hope you had a good one too.


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