This is the week that was: Welcoming the wind of change

13-Sep-2011 17:38:00
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More goings on in the world of B2B.

As the fuzzy heads clear from the aftermath of the Earnest summer party; we look back on a week in which America and the UK battled Katia and David Walliams took on the fine feat of swimming the 140 miles of the Thames for charity.

Back on dry land it was business as usual for the B2B mob, keeping the marketing wheels greased and rolling...

B2B resource of the week

As businesses come to terms with the fact social media is not just a niche fad that is going to disappear, more and more marketers are looking for tips and advice on the most effective social media channels to use and which they can go back to their CMO showing the tactics that will give the most bang for their buck. The team at webbiquity have once again excelled themselves, pulling together the cream of the crop from 2011. Dip in, dip out and take note.

Business shake up of the week:

Last week the most radical reform of British banks was proposed, ultimately to separate the retail and investment banking arms of these organisations. The changes, costing banks up to £7bn, mean that vital services for small businesses and individuals, such as taking care of deposits and making loans, would be in new ring-fenced subsidiaries. For customers with both personal and importantly business accounts, a switch from one bank to another could take just 7 working days – meaning customer loyalty, more so than ever in the B2B space, should be a top priority for any banking institution today.

Presentation tip of the week

‘Death by PowerPoint’ – a phrase that, unfortunately, far too many of us recognise all too well. 100 slides could be dubbed a better way for sleep therapists to make a few bob on the side than businesses to sell themselves. Presenters are however beginning to realise this and are looking for ways to make their stints at the podium more interesting and engaging.

PowerPoint Twitter Tools and Keynote Tweet enable you to embed a Twitter feed into your presentation essentially allowing your audience to react to the presentation in real time. Just set up Tweetchat and provide everyone with a hashtag then watch the comments roll and the eyes of your audience light up.

Creative Gadget of the week:

No matter how swanky and powerful Macs and their design software get, a good creative will always want to start with a pen and sketchpad to get that gem of an idea out of their heads and onto paper. The guys at Wacom have bridged the gap between this need and the growing digital world to create the inkling sketch pen, moving your sketches from paper onto screen as if by magic.

Digital campaign of the week:

It may not strictly be B2B, but here at Earnest we celebrate any marketing campaign with innovative use of digital technology.  The ‘byturnen’ campaign is a great wayto use online to bring to light the serious issue of drinking. All we can say is take a look yourself... hiccup.

Infographic of the week:

The ROI of social media continues to be a contentious topic in the world of B2B. We all get told we should be doing it, but what real value does it bring to the business? This infographic shows how re-tweets turn into revenue.

Tech development of the week:

We have talked before about the mobile workforce, the demise of the trusty PC and a titanic shift in the office working environment. HP has made being out on the road one step easier though, delivering  smartphone functionality that allows printing and scanning. Until the teas maid app is released though, the office walls have not yet quite crumbled.

Social bling of the week

Your head of social media might be a new kid on the block or they might be an old trusty marketing guru. Whichever they are, we are not too sure they can go far wrong with a bit of this social media bling to wear around the office. There will be ‘like’ stamps all over the wall in no time.

So that’s it.... another week, another arsenal of knowledge to share at the water cooler. Let us know if you have any to add!


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