17-Jul-2014 17:09:08
Paul Hewerdine

When brand enemies unite: Big Blue takes a bite of the Apple

What happens when two big brands with history join forces?

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b2b mobile B2B branding Brand Strategy

11-Jul-2014 16:49:00
Matthew Kilgour

The lay of the land – benchmarking the B2B landscape

The importance of benchmarks and the art of navigation.

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B2B marketing benchmarks marketing ROI

04-Jul-2014 12:44:00
Paul Hewerdine

The Panini Sticker: Probably the best content marketing in the World

A look at the sticker phenomenon that's taken the world by storm

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social media Content marketing

26-Jun-2014 12:14:00
Chris Wilson

Crafting an effective, award-winning global B2B campaign - case study

B2B campaign + Global  = tricky (but rewarding…)

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B2B campaign internal communications Content marketing global B2B marketing

23-Jun-2014 16:08:00
Andy McKay

Building a case for lead nurturing

Why bothering potential buyers before they're ready is good for no one.

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B2B inbound marketing lead nurturing marketing ROI leads

19-Jun-2014 14:00:47
James Wood

B2B Summit 2014. Crunched.

All the best quotes and stats from the #b2bsummit14 in one handy slideshare

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10-Jun-2014 17:37:00
Paul Hewerdine

Feed our desire to be connected or miss out: new Wireless Nation study

Why keeping customers connected is good for business.

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b2b mobile mobile infographic customer engagement mobile marketing

27-May-2014 16:05:00
James Wood

'We're not selling anything'. B2B content that entertains

When Worldpay said they needed a bit of content to drive leads, we knew we had to think differently to stand out from the noise.

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19-May-2014 13:25:00
James Wood

Version 1 syndrome: Why you need to stretch your time budget.

Not budgeting the right amount of time for a project is killing creativity.

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Marketing B2B Advertising Brand Strategy creativity budgeting

16-May-2014 09:44:00
James Wood

Lessons from the Brixton Academy

There's a lot for marketers to learn from the epic tale of the Brixton Academy.

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Customer loyalty customer engagement brand books


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